VaricoFix for beautiful legs without varicose veins

varicose veins most often disease VaricoFix of the legs, which injured about a quarter of mankind, and often are hereditary, i.e., caused by konstitucijskom weakness of the vein wall and the surrounding connective tissue, as well as the weakness of the venous valves.

VaricoFix how to use, ingredients

Varicose veins are genetically inherited and their development depends on lifestyle and other controlled risk factors. Their appearance contribute and to stand too long, VaricoFix how to use sit long, thickness, pregnancy, Smoking, tanning and waxing services.

VaricoFix how to use, ingredientsVeins return blood with waste substances to the heart and through the valves and surrounding muscles, blood circulation is satisfactory. So, while venous valves healthy, and functions, we are talking about healthy veins, regardless of whether they are visible or not. But VaricoFix ingredients when the valves start over, because of the force ingredients

more difficult, the blood will lag in the lower veins, and its walls will gradually over will be spread out and thin. The legs are heavy, tired, painful, and the area of the skin over varicose veins will be warmer than the surrounding skin. Dilation of superficial veins, is to go on the deep veins or thrombosis application nd tromboflebitis, and thus become a serious complications and health problems.

Hemorrhoids are varicose veins in the anal canal. This channel is thickened to the entire network of veins, and sedentary lifestyle, as well as additional pressure, which acts on the region during bowel movements, these veins can priširiti and create globular formations, which are the hemorrhoids. Popucaju if there is bleeding, and possibly infection.

Like a number of hair grower other problems, and varicose veins we ingredients can commute the way of life, the best food and movement. The first step in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system a healthy lifestyle and eliminate bad application habits.

VaricoFix reviews, effect – Results in forum

VaricoFix reviews, effect - Results in forumIf you know that you have a genetic predisposition to results this problem, or if you notice signs of the beginning of this comments disease, you need to change some habits, lifestyle and start with the use of natural drugs that will help alleviate discomfort and VaricoFix reviews prevent further spread and progression of the forum disease.

Prolonged standing and sitting are the most important factors in the development of varicose veins in the legs. The work of the leg muscles is required in order that the circulation was good quality, so avoid prolonged standing and sitting, move your feet in place, you work VaricoFix reviews constantly with the muscles to prevent blood stasis in the legs, which is the basis of varicose veins.

 If you stand or sit, need, during the holidays, at least 30 minutes to lift your legs 15 cm above heart level. Avoid the shower with very hot water, try, at least alternately to put the feet in warm and cold water to avoid further expansion of the veins in the legs, due to the heat. If you like a sauna or comments hot tub be sure to take a shower after cold shower.

Physical activity, VaricoFix effect avoiding too narrow clothes, fiber intake, consumption of nuts, regulates the digestion, maintaining a normal body weight and less salt is benefits very important for people who have a risk factor this issue, because this way of life, reduce the load on the veins and VaricoFix reviews preveniraju further symptoms.

Hemorrhoids suggest first and foremost a change in diet with the intake of more plant fibers works regulation of digestion (psyllium, lan). It is important to introduce a sufficient amount of fluid in the body, and the rejection of alcoholic beverages. The use results of products should be avoided during acute presentations of hemorrhoids is done to reduce pain benefits and burning sensation.

VaricoFix price, gel sale

VaricoFix price, gel saleSome of the classic plants that are used for venous problems and that may slow the process of varicose veins and ease the discomfort of VaricoFix price heavy and painful legs. There is, first of all, the most famous horse chestnut and širokolisna veprina that have similar mechanisms of action (saponozidi). But here we will pay more attention to less well-known plants like Gotu school, the vines, kokotca and yellow extract pine.

Kokotac yellow, Melilotus officinalis – a how much typical kumarinska drug, prevents the appearance of puffiness and stimulates circulation of blood and lymph. Facilitates problems that are the result of poor working veins, such as night cramps in calves, otežale the legs, itching and VaricoFix price swelling of the feet, and when sale limfedema.

 Used as an aid in the treatment of inflammation of the blood vessels after thrombosis, haemorrhoids and congestion of lymph. Useful is from limfedema, for what it approves and the German Commission E problem, which is common in venous insifucijencije. In drugs know VaricoFix price to find along with other venotonicima, and one of the best, interaction with taninskim drug use (vine, hamamelis).

Such action, limfotonično and venotonično, but a different mechanism, VaricoFix gel and has Gotu Kola, centella asiatica. In clinical studies, it was shown that the ability to stimulate blood flow, improve blood circulation in the brain and in the legs, and came to a Mature stage efficiency in kroničnoj weakness of the veins. The specific composition of sale how much

Gotha schools is an important positive effect on veins and because of this, and uses drugs to treat and alleviate the diseases of the vascular system. The chemical composition of Gotu school has a direct impact on the prevention of the process of the emergence of venskih varicose veins, or to minimize inconvenience while varikoza (varicose VaricoFix gel veins).

VaricoFix where to buy? How to order

VaricoFix where to buy? How to orderIn accordance with the ESCOP (European scientific Association for fitoterapiju), Gotu Kola is indicated for chronic venous insufficiency and varicose veins. Used VaricoFix where to buy code hemoroidalnih diseases. Evaluated and action code limfedema (swelling of the legs due

Also contributes to the appearance of new blood vessels in tissues. The recommended daily dose (peroralna application) the amount of 50 to 200 mg depending on what else VaricoFix combines the extract Gotu of the school. Gotu Kola is used outside, often in the form of oil

The vine, Vitis vinifera. Leaf of grapes contains a large number of biologically active substances. Its positive effect is attributed to bioaktivnim polifenolnim compounds (phenolic acids and their derivatives, antocijani, flavan-3-Oli, tannins (proanthocyanidins), which increase VaricoFix where to buy the tone of veins and capillaries, strengthen their walls and control permeability.

Pycnogenol is a patented extract from the species Pinus pinaster Aiton, Pine, rich how to order oligomernim proantocijanidinima. Helps circulation, increasing vazodilaciju that, therefore, improves optok blood. Proven, reduces the swelling of legs and where to buy  feet.

Today there are more clinical studies on several hundred VaricoFix patients suffering from chronic venous insufficiency where it was proved to be effective in reducing otečenih veins, significantly higher than horse chestnut extract. Pycnogenol significantly reduces the problems associated how to order with chronic venous insufficiency such as pain, cramps, heavy legs and redness of the cases in which horse chestnut was shown neefikasnim.

VaricoFix philippines – lazada, mercury

VaricoFix philippines - lazada, mercuryPycnogenol also protects persons who are often long journey, especially by plane, from the appearance of thrombosis. Usual dose is 100-150 mg for at least 4 weeks, VaricoFix mercury and maintenance dose, usually taken 50 mg a day. Pycnogenol is a very safe extract, which can take years or VaricoFix philippines more.

To alleviate the difficulties caused by disorders of the venous circulation using several types of essential oils, vegetable oils and Macerata. As a base for drugs in the first VaricoFix original place, we use vegetable oil tamanua and macerat Gotu VaricoFix lazada school (venotonici), but also fake

Often in is in its original recipes found, and rosemary cineol (promotes blood circulation), and lemon (strengthens blood vessels), especially if there are problems popucalih capillaries. Popucale and capillary fragility are not only a cosmetic problem, but a symptom of functional VaricoFix lazada disorder.

The drugs to treat them consist of a combination of essential oils lavandina abrial, lemon, cypress, carrot seed, Bay leaf, and Helichrysum. The healing properties of VaricoFix mercury plants, especially those of the Croatian climate, store in the philippines he described fake

When talking store in the philippines about varicose veins, thoughts mainly on visible, izvijugane veins of the legs. The disease is hereditary, more common in women, contribute to her pregnancy, prolonged sitting and standing. Varicose veins can lead to VaricoFix philippines fatigue.

Heart Tonic начин за здраво сърце хипертония

Болестта на високо кръвно налягане дълго време е в състояние Heart Tonic да останат незабелязани – междувременно, обаче, на фона може да причини сериозно увреждане на сърцето и эрендшерту. Затова трябва периодично да се проверява при нас кръвното налягане, в края на краищата, не само в кабинета на лекаря, но и у дома се измерват стойности.Измерване на кръвното налягане 2 Първия, по-високо, причинени от систолическим стойност по време на стесняване на сърцето, кръвоносните съдове под налягане вътре. Втората стойност след това се чете с уред за измерване на кръвно налягане, когато сърдечни камери се отпуснете.

Heart Tonic на какво влияе тонизиращо на сърцето

на какво влияе тонизиращо на сърцетоВисокото кръвно налягане настъпва, когато 140/90 мм hg. супена по-високи измерени стойности, то това определено здравно състояние на пациента. Високо заболяване кръвно налягане е причина за сериозние-да-се-heart-tonic-държа-правилното-кръвно-н/ заболявания на хол: ако устойчиви на повреди на стената на вените на вътрешния слой, който седиментация, и съсиреци кръв, за да се случи.

Необработанное заболяване по-склонни към церебрална събития, като инсулт, но сърдечна недостатъчност, инфаркт на сърдечния мускул умира, за да доведе и нервна мембрана, ретината на кръвоносните съдове гънки, или поради слепота може да помогне. Функция на бъбреците също може да влоши високо кръвно налягане се дължи на заболяване.Може да предизвика сериозни заболявания

Колко сериозно заболяване е високо кръвно налягане, което е добре показват статистически данни, според които в Унгария, всяка година с този синдром Heart Tonic може да бъде свързан смъртта на 5000 души.В развитите страни, за съжаление, эндемична, населението е около 15% от засегнатите. Но интересното е, че причинява необичайно повишаване на кръвното налягане?

Эссенциальная хипертония в случай на липса на эссенциального на патологичния процес на фона. Високо кръвно налягане-болестта на 80-90 на сто в случай на наследствени фактори играят роля, но в това време на стрес, заседнал начин на живот, затлъстяването, неправилното хранене, тютюнопушенето, алкохолът, могат да помогнат за настъплението на болестта.

Вторична хипертония обикновено трябва до някои толкова специфично заболяване, като хронично заболяване на бъбреците, си тиреоид, или адреналовая гиперфункция и други хронични заболявания водят к. В този случай, основното заболяване трябва да бъде колкото е възможно по-скоро kezelni.De нека да се върнем към този начин на живот, който предизвика magasvényomáshoz: тук можете да направите много изцеление за мен. Медикаментозно лечение, определяне разбира се, не можеш да останеш в страната, но това може да е необходимо за вашия намаляване на теглото, вашите хранителни навици се променят, в зависимост от оставката на нормално движение.

Високо кръвно налягане, да вярваме симптоми на множество митове за осигуряване на циркулацията, тя може да бъде, трябва да за много от симптомите също така, Как ние се учим? Въпреки това, Heart Tonic за да високото кръвно налягане може да се лекува, първо трябва да го разпознае. И симптомите почти не се различават от измерване на кръвното налягане. Ето защо много важно е, че на всеки шест месеца-година дори измерялось на кръвното налягане от лекар, който, между другото, е здрав, как мислите, – особено ако на начина на живот има такива рискови фактори като наднормено тегло, тютюнопушене или не спортува.

Heart Tonic като сърцето тоник влияе на хипертония

като сърцето тоник влияе на хипертонияТъй като кръвното налягане може временно стресът също може да се увеличи, за някои сериозни различия в дома, на почивка, или в офиса, бял халат за баня, изглед, което е причинило стрес под влияние на Heart Tonic измерваната величина. Висок диагноза на кръвното налягане, за да определят достатъчно ли

е измерване на кръвно налягане клиника.за последно.Затова е важно, че къщата може да е за предпочитане в горната част на ръката-mandzsettás кръвно налягане измервателен уред, с помощта на които от време на време, ние проверяваме стойността на кръвното налягане и измерената стойност се записва в дневника за кръвно налягане изключително много, можем да помогнем с вашия лекар, диагнозата, а след това лечение в следващата.

Както в офиса, така и у дома е важно да не едно измерване: 5 минути почивка, покой, след началото на измерване на кръвно налягане, желателно е 2-3, се измерва от серията, се извършва с интервал от 2-3 минути.През май в няколко аптеки, събитие, филтър сцена се Heart Tonic случва в измерване на кръвното налягане, докато сега измерване на кръвното налягане месеца. Тъй като страната, вероятно десетки хиляди, те не знаят, че високото кръвно налягане-болестта (тъй като това е симптом и на жалба), така че те се фокусират върху тях, бих искал да филтрирате националната програма. Аварийно състояние: фибрилляция камерна

Различни органи на непрекъснато снабдяване с кислород, е важно да се сърцето си винаги в точното време, на точното количество кръв, за да получите органи. Правилния ритъм на сърцето минава през електрическа вълна гасител на изходните позабочен оа Ако този ритъм е нарушен, стана нередовен, има опасност от спиране циркулацията на кръвта и жизнено-важни органи не получават достатъчно кислород и необратимо са повредени.
Различните нарушения на сърдечния ритъм се отнасят до най-опасният от камерна предсърдно. В този случай желудочек нерегулярен да трепери, идиот и не се свива Heart Tonic достатъчно наситена с кислород кръв към сърдечния мускул към мозъка и останалата част от тялото.
Какво причинява фибрилляцию камерна? Фибрилляция камерна е рисков фактор. Може да откриете, че високото кръвно налягане работи във фонов режим,но разстройство на сърдечната клапа, хипотиреоидизъм и, може би, прекомерната консумация на алкохол може да предизвика.


Valgorect gel will cure with bunions very fast

Since the Valgorect silicone is a little can comply with the skin, makings it more hard to piss me off. For this reason it is worth before behintőporozni as walk about the webcam manager. Daily, clean them with warm water and soap. Lábtorna bunion, apartments, Avoidance and treatment is also recommended physiotherapy, for which a qualified physiotherapist to visit. The physical therapist, the foot frame of muscle fit gym, as well as the management of insurance claims. Of showed me exercises at home, you can do so you don’t have a routine physical therapy for the feet, if you don’t want to.

Valgorect how to use, ingredients?

Valgorect how to use, ingredients?First you will need to bring back the entire leg muscle problem, given that the issue is not only the huge toe is there. Valgorect how to use Overall, the transverse and/or longitudinal arches sink and also kalapácsujj could go along with it. Since it is not good is treated, but in reality, the foot and leg structural defects, as a result, ingredients the ankle joints in the toes to move and exercise your legs.

Discomfort relief fit-blog and reduction of inflammation, of course, The foot bath to kick back the leg muscle tissue and also tendons, hence reducing the intensity. The anti-inflammatory biological product or of the vital oils and below the swelling. Prepare 2 liters of water and 30 grams of dried out calendula from the foot bath. This water is intended to steam, ingredients then pour the marigold. At least 10-15 minutes to saturate. You don’t need to say it. Leave to cool until our feet on the right temperature. Include 10 declines of lavender oil, 5 lowers of pepper mint important oil, and also 5 decreases of rosemary essential oil. This at least 20-30 minutes in order to saturate the feet. When really cold water, I’d rather quit my job earlier in comparison with the lábáztatás, not felfázzunk.

Herbal formulation is internally All kind of gyulladásnál it is important for the internal processing. It is worth anti-inflammatory organic mixtures to consume this time of the year. Ideally the calendula and agrimony tea, which is about 2-3 cup, also, to consume alcohol daily. Those with steam. 3 dl water, 1 to 1 teaspoon of representatives as organic. how to use Flavoured, without a drink.

Valgorect review, effect – Results in forum

Valgorect review, effect - Results in forumGrandmas is a proven technique. Herbs, has long been the bay fallen leave is used for bunion discomfort. To do this, about 5 or 6 better bay fallen leave for 1 oz of 90% alcohol for you to enjoy, at least 5 days. Valgorect review The solution could then be used. Soft cotton or gauze dipped in and, also, our package for the night, the evil bütyke us. The treatment kept in the refrigerator, so that it is very large.

Medical lotion good. Numerous herbal lotions just the swelling and also the pain reduction help. If the bunion gyulladásba coming, the compliance with ointment and also oils you can use:. ointment of calendula (E. g., Dr. Theiss marigold salve).
yarrow cream (e. g., Adam yarrow cream). black comfrey lotion or tincture Valgorect review (E. g., Adam black comfrey cream, or Dr. Miles, black comfrey ). Valgorect review  the oil of arnica, lavender, peppermint or rosemary oil, Valgorect effect including medical preparations, of petroleum or massage therapy oils.
Vulnerable groups.

The clinical hallux valgus is known as a phenomenon in women in Valgorect effect  addition usually in relation to children, there are reasons for this. The females are a lot more relaxed, Valgorect results the articular ligaments, which allow the finger joints to abandon the position. The problem is made worse by the pointy-toed and/or high-heeled shoes to wear, which are also thin, so that the toes are joined together. Valgorect forum Callus growth can also contribute to the ankle prolapse, before and after or if a person is walking or running too much forum internal comments slope of the foot.

Valgorect gel price, sale

Valgorect gel price, saleIf the bunion is swollen as well as unpleasant, several times a day for 15-20 minutes apply a cold compress or ice can help. Valgorect price Pain killers as well as ibuprofen may help relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Put on low-heeled, who don‘t need our feet– the appropriate footwear, if your fingers can freely relocate. Valgorect price The nose part, also, is not broad sufficient for it to meet the individual joint, the heel is not more than 2.5 cm. Avoid pointy nose, extremely limited data.

When footwear, the market, the ear comfortable fit with the bunion. Severe distortion in the case of consequently, the standard dimension for to use or to eliminate the shoes, such as sandals. Valgorect gel For the convenience of the tennis shoes are a great choice may be. Focus on socks size: do not use as well as the slim or wide elements, the last is the shoes bow in meggyűrődve Valgorect gel the toes.

Footwear repair people, and, also, the pharmacies of data available with which to reduce the bunion’s worth of pressure. Valgorect gel The only arch-rings and also the ring-shaped, sale could be placed pillow can really help. Keep in mind, however, that these products especially fit in the legs, otherwise, more harm than benefit. The big toe is the normal setting for the target could attempt sale a small habgumi deposit or velvet (the big toe and the 2nd finger.

Treatment. If the situation is degrading,how much that is already walking pain, regardless of the shoes in nature, to get in touch with the doctor. This is when the x-rays are done to identify the common deformation of the level. The medical staff for relief of dry solid anti-inflammatory medications may be recommended. However, if the discomfort is already walking or various other daily tasks, also, to bother you, then the surgical procedure proposed, in which they got rid of the bunion, how much as well as the normal position of the big toe joint.

Valgorect where to buy? How to order, online

Valgorect where to buy? How to order, onlineSmaller-sized wounds, Valgorect where to buy when it comes to incision done in the bunion from the side, and, also, of opening the synovial sheath. The protruding bone part, and also to clean the toe property of the public, Valgorect where to buy tubes and also various other soft tissues. The metatarsal bones, as well as the first finger, a second adhesive fastener transfer could be to help the big toe to the right se

tting. After the surgical treatment, the foot is firmly tied to, and, also, online the patient for a few days of hard plastic shoe to use. At first, crutches or a cane may need to walk, online his legs don’t have the body throughout the weight to maintain, almost the stitches up.

The good after surgical treatment, where to buy complete recovery takes about 6 weeks, how to order the total treatment took place up until the correct leg is often wrapped to maintain, and sandals or sports footwear for use. A lot of people after the surgery, how to order a couple of days back may be typical activities, although the active exercise just to cut it off right after the free to start.

Valgorect philippines – lazada

Valgorect philippines - lazadaIf substantial improvement is needed, Valgorect original it is likely that the leg from the center of the bone by a wedge-shaped piece of get rid of, so it’s just the huge claws. Valgorect lazada The displaced bones after surgical screws, wires and also plates is fixed. The excruciating kisbütyköt in a similar way to the fix. This major surgery, when it comes to the person for a walk, bodies, Valgorect philippines and 6 to 8 weeks or the full restoration of the crutches to walk.

The bunion surgery, Valgorect philippines the foot is constantly very painful, store in the philippines so the customer a few days in solid pain medication that you can get. fake After that, it’s usually the non-prescription painkiller,  fake like tylenol or advil is enough.New revolutionary.

DiaRemedium relationship with halobacteria infection?

Is infection different impact on the level of acidity. If the stomach is inflammation DiaRemedium on the background of halobacteria, often there is increased production of acid in the poor performance stravovanie sphincter can lead to heartburn. So removing halobacteria infection able to remove unpleasant symptom. Sometimes, with infection production of acid decreases the bacterium reduces its level. Some studies show that after removal of halobacteria the amount of hydrochloric acid increases, refluxna disease escalates. However, European scientists are inclined to believe that the treatment DiaRemedium halobacteria infection should be conducted regardless of whether gastroezofagealny reflux disease. Treat them separately, starting from removing the infection.

Surgical DiaRemedium held?

DiaRemediumSuch operations DiaRemedium are recommended when anatomical features: if the hernia stravovani aperture when in the chest pull can abdomen and if the treatment fails.What research is being conducted for the diagnosis of gastroesophageal reflux disease? If you suffer daily from heartburn after meals, at night), this in itself indicates the presence of pathology. But in order to find out which form of the disease, performs gastroscopy, DiaRemedium which show that damage to the esophagus if there are suspicions, esophagus Barreto and whether there is no hernia stravovani holes. Diagnosis of a hernia to put more and after x-ray study of the esophagus and stomach. There is a study on how ph metrie — the gold standard for the diagnosis of gastroesophageal reflux disease. This study was necessary in the first place, those who DiaRemedium have the disease is atypical, if there is no effect of the treatment is a cough that is associated with the balustrade of hydrochloric acid. For holding the pH-metry through the nose fitted slim probe, which measures within a day the pH level in the esophagus. It was recently acquired equipment to conduct such surveys in children, but also a huge practice in Belarus yet.

You can “put out DiaRemedium” heartburn regular soda?

Soda quickly neutralizes acid, but it works even more briefly than antacids. In addition, the process of neutralization reaction is formed weglicki gas, which increases pressure in the stomach and further increases the production of hydrochloric acid. Reception soda can be accompanied by “acid rebound” — an increase of acid production after the end of its validity. Also soda, unlike antacids, easily absorbed into the skin, and when used DiaRemedium in a higher dose may lead to disturbance of acid-base balance of blood and body. In Minsk not long ago, held 1. international conference on and, the organizers issued by the National institute of oncology, the US, of oncology and medical radiology named Pan. M Alexandrov and Белорусское company. Deputy director for scientific work of oncology and medical radiology named Pan. M Aleksandrova, doctor of medical sciences, professor Sergei RED tells after the event about it, what mistake did the americans relatively prostate cancer, which offers the modern medicine in the fight against and the river, and that women DiaRemedium and men should do to stay healthy as possible. disease (the whole  system, starting with the kidneys) make up more than 30 percent of the entire анкапаталогіі for men and 25-27 percent in women.

In addition DiaRemedium, these services well spilled

during the previous congress and radiologists of the CIS countries and Eurasia. The section just from this pathology the impression of colleagues from the National institute of cancer the US, with which we work already many years. American experts are interested in sharing experience, cooperation research. The last of the DiaRemedium conference — including, and master classes on individual fields, with the participation of experts from 22 countries.  operations, which registered our and foreign doctors in the center, трансліраваліся online in the conference hall, making it possible to follow the course of the operation, ask questions.Many years in the country is carried out prostate cancer screening — healthy men asked to pass a blood test for antigen. Or eat the fruit from this survey?

A pilot DiaRemedium project, you’re talking about, began to spread across the country, which is very good. Although the experts of the World health organization, International agency for DiaRemedium research on cancer claim that this screening is not needed in Belarus. Mole, made in the U.S. the survey shows that prostate cancer screening does not increase the chance of survival and no reduced mortality in the country. But literally the next day it became known the real results of their research. It turned out DiaRemedium that in скрынінгавай group research took place 80 percent of men, while in the control (where such examination was voluntary, not mandatory) — 90 percent! Therefore, that american men have long realized that  taking care of your health, you need to, without any coercion. Thus, refer to these studies cannot be, and from 1. may prostate cancer screening are included in America the DiaRemedium standards of the survey, which was announced at our conference.

If it is reflux bothering us for a long time

The surface of the esophagus, trying to adapt to the acidic environment in some areas was similar to the epithelium of the stomach or intestines. It’s called stomach or intestines, metaplasia into the esophagus and perkakasan condition, especially if the disease is accompanied by intestinal metaplasia. The more meets, the higher the risk of developing cancer.

Three forms of reflux

can be considered as the successive stages of the pathology? Now the majority of scientists are inclined to believe that it is an independent form. As a rule, form, marked original, it is not excluded in the future. However, within one shape are different symptoms. In a patient who was not treated, did not lead a healthy lifestyle, light erosion can be more serious, gradually there may be more. This means that all forms should be treated… Yes. Approaches to treatment can be considered on the example of the erosive form. Here phascogale factor — hydrochloric acid — there are medicines that reduce acid production in the stomach — inhibitors pratoni pump. The minimum standard course of treatment is two months, but some patients in sayin cervical erosion is not required, and three or four. You need to keep in mind that the tendency to the formation of erosions remains even after treatment, so for some time, and in some cases for life and require symptomatic therapy. Such patients should change their lifestyle. Not to overeat, gain a lot of weight to have obesity, which itself increases the tendency to boil. You should quit Smoking because tobacco increases the production of hydrochloric acid affects the tension of the sphincter. Alcohol should be limited, because it also relaxes the sphincter and damage to the epithelium. You need to choose the right treatment of many other diseases, as the same Nesterova anti-inflammatory drugs for anesthesia and damage the mucosa. All gazavia drinks-banned. Be careful with citrus. In General, all sour, coffee, tomatoes, chocolate, fatty needs to be limited. As a rule, the patients themselves know which foods cause them to have unpleasant symptoms, and keep a certain diet. You should eat little and often, small portions. It is important not to eat before you sleep after your last meal before bed should take two to four hours. Some patients are advised to sleep with a raised edge of the bed. If the patient adheres to the recommendations, sometimes you can and without drugs do.

In pharmacies today

is a big choice of drugs to suppress the heartburn, which are sold without a prescription. If you do not hurt yourself by self? Is a group of medicines called antacids, contain compounds of aluminum, calcium, magnesium and neutralize acid, due to the fact that they themselves are alkaline. However, their effect is short-lived. Stomach becomes free from content, and literally 30-40 minutes, all passed on together with the drug. Antacids can be used if heartburn is rare. If we get several times a day, this in order to effectively remove it, you need to swallow these drugs every hour. And this frequent use can cause side effects. In General, antacids are practically not absorbed in the stomach, however, large doses can smartazz that violate the acid-alkaline balance in the body. Antacids cannot be used for a long time and in large doses.

Inhibitors pratoni pump, for example, omeprazol — also sold in a pharmacy without a prescription…All drugs have side effects, so they should appoint a doctor. Abroad, by the way, bezretsepturnyh dose is 10 mg to omeprazole and 20 mg by prescription only. Retail can buy medicines for those who have received a doctor recommendation for use. It can be a daily intake of a low dose or “therapy on demand” in mild form of the disease, when, after initial treatment, the patient adjusts the dose depending on health.

What to do if you have problems with heartburn

This symptom is known to each of us. However, it can remind about yourself rare, after applying some special food. It happens that our stomach is not like the same sweet pepper, garlic, onions, etc. However, heartburn may indicate the presence of the disease. What is it and do I need something to do, says Professor of the Department of gastroenterology and nutrition of the Belarusian medical Academy of postgraduate education, doctor of medical Sciences Julia GARGON.

This symptom is known as heartburn

long considered a symptom of the disease is of the stomach associated with the presence of erosion and inflammation of the gastric mucosa, peptic ulcer disease, but in recent decades, it is perceived as a symptom of the disease of the esophagus. We are talking about gastroezofagealny refluxna disease, dysfunction of the lower sphincter stravovanie. Between the esophagus and the stomach is a valve that opens, food passes below and closes so the food does not come back. This valve creates a kind of barrier between the stomach where the acidic environment, and esophagus, where the environment is neutral or slaboshchelocnam. The word “reflux” means “throw” — because of the wrong operation, stomach contents can zakaz into the esophagus. May not close or the closing is insufficient, or revealed more than necessary.Each heartburn means followed by casting into the esophagus, but understand that this is not the only reaction to a product and the disease? All right, the valve between the esophagus and the stomach periodically manifests itself even when we do not use food. Thus the gastric juice can get into the esophagus, but a healthy person does not feel, because the esophagus has its own protective mechanism.

Once out of the stomach

with food in it got the acid produces mucus, increases the amount of saliva increases peristalsis of the intestine, and all this will neutralize the acid, sends the contents back into the stomach. If these rasslablenno very frequent or valve in General is still a bit priotkryta, our esophagus begins to suffer. And even in a very strong degree if the patient is dual-reflux, where the esophagus enters not only salt, but also the bile acid. First, the bile released from the duodenum into the stomach, and then all together with gastric juice enters the esophagus. Irritation of the esophagus these components leads to the fact that heartburn is the feeling of “burning” in the chest. If heartburn begins to disturb, violate health or is there more like twice a week, makes a diagnosis gastroezofagealna refluxna a disease that has three forms. It nerana when the esophageal mucosa is not violated during the inspection nothing was found, however, a person feels heartburn, a sour or bitter taste in the mouth, even sometimes cough, splashtastic voices, seizures, asthma, damage to dental enamel… the Second form — arena if during the endoscopy the doctor sees redness of the mucous membrane, some drawbacks. The third form is called the esophagus Barreto.