DiaRemedium relationship with halobacteria infection?

Is infection different impact on the level of acidity. If the stomach is inflammation DiaRemedium on the background of halobacteria, often there is increased production of acid in the poor performance stravovanie sphincter can lead to heartburn. So removing halobacteria infection able to remove unpleasant symptom. Sometimes, with infection production of acid decreases the bacterium reduces its level. Some studies show that after removal of halobacteria the amount of hydrochloric acid increases, refluxna disease escalates. However, European scientists are inclined to believe that the treatment DiaRemedium halobacteria infection should be conducted regardless of whether gastroezofagealny reflux disease. Treat them separately, starting from removing the infection.

Surgical DiaRemedium held?

DiaRemediumSuch operations DiaRemedium are recommended when anatomical features: if the hernia stravovani aperture when in the chest pull can abdomen and if the treatment fails.What research is being conducted for the diagnosis of gastroesophageal reflux disease? If you suffer daily from heartburn after meals, at night), this in itself indicates the presence of pathology. But in order to find out which form of the disease, performs gastroscopy, DiaRemedium which show that damage to the esophagus if there are suspicions, esophagus Barreto and whether there is no hernia stravovani holes. Diagnosis of a hernia to put more and after x-ray study of the esophagus and stomach. There is a study on how ph metrie — the gold standard for the diagnosis of gastroesophageal reflux disease. This study was necessary in the first place, those who DiaRemedium have the disease is atypical, if there is no effect of the treatment is a cough that is associated with the balustrade of hydrochloric acid. For holding the pH-metry through the nose fitted slim probe, which measures within a day the pH level in the esophagus. It was recently acquired equipment to conduct such surveys in children, but also a huge practice in Belarus yet.

You can “put out DiaRemedium” heartburn regular soda?

Soda quickly neutralizes acid, but it works even more briefly than antacids. In addition, the process of neutralization reaction is formed weglicki gas, which increases pressure in the stomach and further increases the production of hydrochloric acid. Reception soda can be accompanied by “acid rebound” — an increase of acid production after the end of its validity. Also soda, unlike antacids, easily absorbed into the skin, and when used DiaRemedium in a higher dose may lead to disturbance of acid-base balance of blood and body. In Minsk not long ago, held 1. international conference on and, the organizers issued by the National institute of oncology, the US, of oncology and medical radiology named Pan. M Alexandrov and Белорусское company. Deputy director for scientific work of oncology and medical radiology named Pan. M Aleksandrova, doctor of medical sciences, professor Sergei RED tells after the event about it, what mistake did the americans relatively prostate cancer, which offers the modern medicine in the fight against and the river, and that women DiaRemedium and men should do to stay healthy as possible. disease (the whole  system, starting with the kidneys) make up more than 30 percent of the entire анкапаталогіі for men and 25-27 percent in women.

In addition DiaRemedium, these services well spilled

during the previous congress and radiologists of the CIS countries and Eurasia. The section just from this pathology the impression of colleagues from the National institute of cancer the US, with which we work already many years. American experts are interested in sharing experience, cooperation research. The last of the DiaRemedium conference — including, and master classes on individual fields, with the participation of experts from 22 countries.  operations, which registered our and foreign doctors in the center, трансліраваліся online in the conference hall, making it possible to follow the course of the operation, ask questions.Many years in the country is carried out prostate cancer screening — healthy men asked to pass a blood test for antigen. Or eat the fruit from this survey?

A pilot DiaRemedium project, you’re talking about, began to spread across the country, which is very good. Although the experts of the World health organization, International agency for DiaRemedium research on cancer claim that this screening is not needed in Belarus. Mole, made in the U.S. the survey shows that prostate cancer screening does not increase the chance of survival and no reduced mortality in the country. But literally the next day it became known the real results of their research. It turned out DiaRemedium that in скрынінгавай group research took place 80 percent of men, while in the control (where such examination was voluntary, not mandatory) — 90 percent! Therefore, that american men have long realized that  taking care of your health, you need to, without any coercion. Thus, refer to these studies cannot be, and from 1. may prostate cancer screening are included in America the DiaRemedium standards of the survey, which was announced at our conference.

If it is reflux bothering us for a long time

The surface of the esophagus, trying to adapt to the acidic environment in some areas was similar to the epithelium of the stomach or intestines. It’s called stomach or intestines, metaplasia into the esophagus and perkakasan condition, especially if the disease is accompanied by intestinal metaplasia. The more meets, the higher the risk of developing cancer.

Three forms of reflux

can be considered as the successive stages of the pathology? Now the majority of scientists are inclined to believe that it is an independent form. As a rule, form, marked original, it is not excluded in the future. However, within one shape are different symptoms. In a patient who was not treated, did not lead a healthy lifestyle, light erosion can be more serious, gradually there may be more. This means that all forms should be treated… Yes. Approaches to treatment can be considered on the example of the erosive form. Here phascogale factor — hydrochloric acid — there are medicines that reduce acid production in the stomach — inhibitors pratoni pump. The minimum standard course of treatment is two months, but some patients in sayin cervical erosion is not required, and three or four. You need to keep in mind that the tendency to the formation of erosions remains even after treatment, so for some time, and in some cases for life and require symptomatic therapy. Such patients should change their lifestyle. Not to overeat, gain a lot of weight to have obesity, which itself increases the tendency to boil. You should quit Smoking because tobacco increases the production of hydrochloric acid affects the tension of the sphincter. Alcohol should be limited, because it also relaxes the sphincter and damage to the epithelium. You need to choose the right treatment of many other diseases, as the same Nesterova anti-inflammatory drugs for anesthesia and damage the mucosa. All gazavia drinks-banned. Be careful with citrus. In General, all sour, coffee, tomatoes, chocolate, fatty needs to be limited. As a rule, the patients themselves know which foods cause them to have unpleasant symptoms, and keep a certain diet. You should eat little and often, small portions. It is important not to eat before you sleep after your last meal before bed should take two to four hours. Some patients are advised to sleep with a raised edge of the bed. If the patient adheres to the recommendations, sometimes you can and without drugs do. http://greymater.info/diaremedium-relationship-with-halobacteria-infection/

In pharmacies today

is a big choice of drugs to suppress the heartburn, which are sold without a prescription. If you do not hurt yourself by self? Is a group of medicines called antacids, contain compounds of aluminum, calcium, magnesium and neutralize acid, due to the fact that they themselves are alkaline. However, their effect is short-lived. Stomach becomes free from content, and literally 30-40 minutes, all passed on together with the drug. Antacids can be used if heartburn is rare. If we get several times a day, this in order to effectively remove it, you need to swallow these drugs every hour. And this frequent use can cause side effects. In General, antacids are practically not absorbed in the stomach, however, large doses can smartazz that violate the acid-alkaline balance in the body. Antacids cannot be used for a long time and in large doses.

Inhibitors pratoni pump, for example, omeprazol — also sold in a pharmacy without a prescription…All drugs have side effects, so they should appoint a doctor. Abroad, by the way, bezretsepturnyh dose is 10 mg to omeprazole and 20 mg by prescription only. Retail can buy medicines for those who have received a doctor recommendation for use. It can be a daily intake of a low dose or “therapy on demand” in mild form of the disease, when, after initial treatment, the patient adjusts the dose depending on health.

What to do if you have problems with heartburn

This symptom is known to each of us. However, it can remind about yourself rare, after applying some special food. It happens that our stomach is not like the same sweet pepper, garlic, onions, etc. However, heartburn may indicate the presence of the disease. What is it and do I need something to do, says Professor of the Department of gastroenterology and nutrition of the Belarusian medical Academy of postgraduate education, doctor of medical Sciences Julia GARGON.

This symptom is known as heartburn

long considered a symptom of the disease is of the stomach associated with the presence of erosion and inflammation of the gastric mucosa, peptic ulcer disease, but in recent decades, it is perceived as a symptom of the disease of the esophagus. We are talking about gastroezofagealny refluxna disease, dysfunction of the lower sphincter stravovanie. Between the esophagus and the stomach is a valve that opens, food passes below and closes so the food does not come back. This valve creates a kind of barrier between the stomach where the acidic environment, and esophagus, where the environment is neutral or slaboshchelocnam. The word “reflux” means “throw” — because of the wrong operation, stomach contents can zakaz into the esophagus. May not close or the closing is insufficient, or revealed more than necessary.Each heartburn means followed by casting into the esophagus, but understand that this is not the only reaction to a product and the disease? All right, the valve between the esophagus and the stomach periodically manifests itself even when we do not use food. Thus the gastric juice can get into the esophagus, but a healthy person does not feel, because the esophagus has its own protective mechanism.

Once out of the stomach

with food in it got the acid produces mucus, increases the amount of saliva increases peristalsis of the intestine, and all this will neutralize the acid, sends the contents back into the stomach. If these rasslablenno very frequent or valve in General is still a bit priotkryta, our esophagus begins to suffer. And even in a very strong degree if the patient is dual-reflux, where the esophagus enters not only salt, but also the bile acid. First, the bile released from the duodenum into the stomach, and then all together with gastric juice enters the esophagus. Irritation of the esophagus these components leads to the fact that heartburn is the feeling of “burning” in the chest. If heartburn begins to disturb, violate health or is there more like twice a week, makes a diagnosis gastroezofagealna refluxna a disease that has three forms. It nerana when the esophageal mucosa is not violated during the inspection nothing was found, however, a person feels heartburn, a sour or bitter taste in the mouth, even sometimes cough, splashtastic voices, seizures, asthma, damage to dental enamel… the Second form — arena if during the endoscopy the doctor sees redness of the mucous membrane, some drawbacks. The third form is called the esophagus Barreto.