DiaRemedium relationship with halobacteria infection?

Is infection different impact on the level of acidity. If the stomach is inflammation DiaRemedium on the background of halobacteria, often there is increased production of acid in the poor performance stravovanie sphincter can lead to heartburn. So removing halobacteria infection able to remove unpleasant symptom. Sometimes, with infection production of acid decreases the bacterium reduces its level. Some studies show that after removal of halobacteria the amount of hydrochloric acid increases, refluxna disease escalates. However, European scientists are inclined to believe that the treatment DiaRemedium halobacteria infection should be conducted regardless of whether gastroezofagealny reflux disease. Treat them separately, starting from removing the infection.

Surgical DiaRemedium held?

DiaRemediumSuch operations DiaRemedium are recommended when anatomical features: if the hernia stravovani aperture when in the chest pull can abdomen and if the treatment fails.What research is being conducted for the diagnosis of gastroesophageal reflux disease? If you suffer daily from heartburn after meals, at night), this in itself indicates the presence of pathology. But in order to find out which form of the disease, performs gastroscopy, DiaRemedium which show that damage to the esophagus if there are suspicions, esophagus Barreto and whether there is no hernia stravovani holes. Diagnosis of a hernia to put more and after x-ray study of the esophagus and stomach. There is a study on how ph metrie — the gold standard for the diagnosis of gastroesophageal reflux disease. This study was necessary in the first place, those who DiaRemedium have the disease is atypical, if there is no effect of the treatment is a cough that is associated with the balustrade of hydrochloric acid. For holding the pH-metry through the nose fitted slim probe, which measures within a day the pH level in the esophagus. It was recently acquired equipment to conduct such surveys in children, but also a huge practice in Belarus yet.

You can “put out DiaRemedium” heartburn regular soda?

Soda quickly neutralizes acid, but it works even more briefly than antacids. In addition, the process of neutralization reaction is formed weglicki gas, which increases pressure in the stomach and further increases the production of hydrochloric acid. Reception soda can be accompanied by “acid rebound” — an increase of acid production after the end of its validity. Also soda, unlike antacids, easily absorbed into the skin, and when used DiaRemedium in a higher dose may lead to disturbance of acid-base balance of blood and body. In Minsk not long ago, held 1. international conference on and, the organizers issued by the National institute of oncology, the US, of oncology and medical radiology named Pan. M Alexandrov and Белорусское company. Deputy director for scientific work of oncology and medical radiology named Pan. M Aleksandrova, doctor of medical sciences, professor Sergei RED tells after the event about it, what mistake did the americans relatively prostate cancer, which offers the modern medicine in the fight against and the river, and that women DiaRemedium and men should do to stay healthy as possible. disease (the whole  system, starting with the kidneys) make up more than 30 percent of the entire анкапаталогіі for men and 25-27 percent in women.

In addition DiaRemedium, these services well spilled

during the previous congress and radiologists of the CIS countries and Eurasia. The section just from this pathology the impression of colleagues from the National institute of cancer the US, with which we work already many years. American experts are interested in sharing experience, cooperation research. The last of the DiaRemedium conference — including, and master classes on individual fields, with the participation of experts from 22 countries.  operations, which registered our and foreign doctors in the center, трансліраваліся online in the conference hall, making it possible to follow the course of the operation, ask questions.Many years in the country is carried out prostate cancer screening — healthy men asked to pass a blood test for antigen. Or eat the fruit from this survey?

A pilot DiaRemedium project, you’re talking about, began to spread across the country, which is very good. Although the experts of the World health organization, International agency for DiaRemedium research on cancer claim that this screening is not needed in Belarus. Mole, made in the U.S. the survey shows that prostate cancer screening does not increase the chance of survival and no reduced mortality in the country. But literally the next day it became known the real results of their research. It turned out DiaRemedium that in скрынінгавай group research took place 80 percent of men, while in the control (where such examination was voluntary, not mandatory) — 90 percent! Therefore, that american men have long realized that  taking care of your health, you need to, without any coercion. Thus, refer to these studies cannot be, and from 1. may prostate cancer screening are included in America the DiaRemedium standards of the survey, which was announced at our conference.

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